Shaun (epitaphs) wrote in onebigmoshpit,

Gabe's Oasis

Hi all, I'm a former University of Iowa student, never graduated. I'm currently living in Des Moines, and well, really don't care much about the Iowa City music scene these days. The Vaudeville Mews here in Des Moines is really pretty awesome, if you ever swing through here. Jason Molina and the Magnolia Electric Co. are coming in December. Anyway.

I was curious how stringent the Iding policy at Gabes is? I'm 23 years old, and want to see the Arcade Fire on November 23. Which is a show you all need to see. But anyway, I don't have an ID(long story that amounts to more names than come between most siblings), and while I don't care about drinking that much, the show is 19+. I really don't want to drive all the way out there and get turned away; but I really really don't want to miss this opportunity.

Thanks for any input.

I miss Iowa City.
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